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Sales Leads If you sell to the industry, you need Sales Leads.
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We wanted to tell you how great our Sales Leads are,
but we decided to let our customers do it for us.

“I have used your service for many years and I can say without a doubt that we have had over $500,000 to $750,000 in sales because of your company.”
– A polymers manufacturer, MO

“Your information is the best available, best in completeness, best in accuracy and quickest to market.  Recognizing that Sales Leads was founded 50 years ago, I am astonished that it is still ahead-of-the-curve, ahead of its competition.”
  – A forklift dealer, MA

“I really was amazed at the accuracy of your information – especially for the cost! You guys do a great job!”
– A material Handling / storage equipment dealer, FL

“Thank you for providing an exceptional service. Your company is a pleasure to work with and as a customer I feel as if you appreciate my business”
– An industrial cleaning solutions manufacturer, SC

“I’ve made a lot of money off your leads…you are worth every cent.”
– A forklift rental company, MO

“One deal [from using Sales Leads] makes it worthwhile.”
– A commercial finance company, CT

“[Sales Leads] is used as a starter conversation, and leads to meetings and extra confidence from the Reps.”
– A commercial finance company, CT

“Our Toyota forklift dealer sold a new forklift truck on the spot.  Thank you!”
– A forklift dealer, CA

Sales Leads has been North America’s leading source of business-to-business leads and prospecting data since 1959.  Our longevity speaks volumes about the quality of our leads as do positive comments like these that we receive regularly from customers.

Our specialty is current, qualified leads on expanding, building and relocating companies – businesses that are in a growth mode and are therefore in a buying mode.  We cover the 48 continental United States and all of Canada.  Our leads focus on industrial plants, warehouses, hospitals, corporate HQs and other businesses where growth and expansion is imminent.  Regardless of what you sell to business – from industrial machinery, to forklifts, to furniture, to phones – you can be sure to benefit from a subscription to Sales Leads.

Sales Leads are available for as little as $225 a year – or, if you order the full USA edition – for an amazing average 22 cents per lead!  Choose from delivery via web, email or our original hard copy perforated sheets.  Get fresh, unduplicated leads approximately every two weeks.  Click the links above for pricing and ordering information.

Sales Leads – 50 years in the B2B lead business
Still under the original family ownership.

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