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Your sales and marketing teams need accurate prospect data and meaningful insights to thrive. We provide it.

We accelerate the sales process for you by providing verified leads that you can count on, allowing your sales team to focus on doing what they do best, selling!

Lead Generation

We combine powerful technology, with accurate lead data, along with human intuition to identify the ideal prospects for your business. Our research team and interviewers are constantly working to find new leads with actionable market intelligence to fill your pipeline with.

Sales Leads' is fully customized for your business. We ensure that you spend time only on ideal prospects that you can convert to real customers.

How we help business succeed


We work with you to develop the prospect profile that you want to duplicate. This includes primary and secondary data points.



Using the prospect profile, our data engineers develop a customized and scalable research process for you. They identify key process stakeholders, specify research tools, and determine how the data will be efficiently filtered and organized.



Once the iterations are complete, and the process has been designed, our researchers get to work! Using thousands of sources and powerful tools, they find and verify leads that fit your prospect profile. They combine firmographic data with live insights to find qualified leads for you.



Sync our content management system with your CRM; or access, organize and download your verified leads directly through our content management system. We work with you to make sure that the transfer of data is simple and easy for your team to use.


Lead Generation

Do you need more qualified leads? Our team of engineers and relentless researchers work to find more B2B prospects for your sales team. 

We work with you to create your prospect personas and find more of them. 

Our team uses a combination of firmographic data, news publications, public records, press releases, social media, budgeting records, and dozens of other sources and tools to aggregate and verify the ideal prospects for your business. 

Don't just purchase a list of leads that might be outdated or missing information. There is a better way to find new leads.


Data Enhancement

Think about how expensive it is for your sales team to call phone numbers that are disconnected, or be chasing decision makers that changes roles last month. 

70% of B2B companies fail to effectively manage their current database. Data decay is a real problem. The larger your prospect database, the easier it is to lose control of.  

Our researchers verify, update, and add to the records in your existing prospect data base. We find specific data points and insights that are currently missing. 

Make sure your sales and marketing teams are armed with complete and accurate prospect information before making their next call.


Verified and Accurate Leads

The accuracy of our data is the primary reason we have been around since 1959. Our processes are built with accuracy in mind. If we can't verify it, you don't ever see it. 

Whether it is something as simple as a company's phone number, or the specific contacts within the company that you need; we rigorously verify all data so that your team can be as efficient as possible. 

Depending on the project, the data may be verified by one of our researchers, or could require a brief phone interview to ensure the accuracy. We do what we have to do to get the best information your team needs. 


Identify Key Buying Signals

Before a decision maker even begins the buying process, they are facing changes in their business operations. This creates new challenges for the business, and also opens up new opportunities for vendors.

We work with you to define which changes create opportunities for your sales team, and find more prospects in the same position for you. 

You may need leads on companies that are growing faster than 50% each year; or maybe companies that are planning to hire 50+ new employees this year; or even companies using a specific type of accounting software… Whatever you need, we can find more for you. 

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